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Yoke: Shift Subscription for Startups

Aligning Sustainability with Business Development for Fast-Growing Startup 

Because Yoke are growing quickly, we use the weekly, time-blocked meetings to align sustainability and B Corp related implementations to the kind of activity they are doing in the businesses. For example, when a new hire was being onboarded, we worked on the B Corp-aligned Employee Handbook. 

Yoke are an ethical design studio working towards B Corp certification on our Shift Subscription for Startups service. For a fixed feed (see pricing) Yoke receive weekly sustainability update calls and full access to the Shift Sustainability Platform.

“Future Shift's approach really impressed us, we ask for something to be done and they come back with tons more than we expected, always surpassing our expectations. We have contracted them in an ongoing manner for sustainability support, helping us shape our business and grow our offering. Their knowledge, attitude and approach are inspirational."

Jay Bigford, Director