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Talks and Webinars

Our most recent contributions to the business and academic sustainability space in Bristol and beyond. We are proud members of local, regional and national sustainability movements through which we do our own kind of 'Future Shift activism' which comes in the form of progressing the sustainability agenda through our day-to-day. 

Webinar recording

Low Carbon Devon | Inspire Ambition - Leadership for Positive Change

In this webinar we join academic and industry stakeholders for a University of Plymouth / Low Carbon Devon webinar. We discuss what it takes to be a leader within today's business sustainability ecosystem, drawing from our experience starting up Future Shift in an uncertain climate. This one includes Will, talking about business-level barriers to sustainable change and Oscar who digs into the systemic barriers to business sustainability. 

Webinar recording

Business West - B Corp Lunch and Learn

This is a recording of Business West's Lunch and Learn series, where we join B Leaders and members of B Corp companies to discuss all things B Corp with over 100 businesses from the South West. This is one of the biggest regional B Corp events we have had the pleasure of being involved in which just goes to show all of the positive movements that are happening in the Bristol and South West B Corp space. Oscar gets stuck into what the B Corp journey looks like from a project management perspective (19 minutes in) and Will shares B Corp insights from conversations with over 30 UK B Corp (25 minutes). 

Webinar recording

How Future Shift use Method Grid for Platform Led Consulting

Method Grid are the hosts of our Shift B Corp and Shift Subscription Platforms, and good friends of Future Shift, being by our side from the very beginning. In this webinar, Oscar from Future Shifts talks about all the things that are happening behind the scenes when we build sustainability platforms for our clients. We call our consulting methodology 'Platform Led Consulting' because the majority of (mostly boring) information we give to our clients is captured by our platform. We then can focus our face-to-face consulting time on what really matters, like ideas, innovation and fundamental changes of the way we do things.