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Shift Guides

Shift Sustainability Guides are 'one-pager' guides to implementing business sustainability. From inclusive jobs descriptions to writing your environmental mission, Shift Guides give you the key information to get moving with improving your social and environmental impact.  


We regularly release new guides which are stacked with the definitions, step-by-step plans and external resources that make actioning new sustainable business practises a piece of cake.

Shift Guide: How to Write an Inclusive Job Description 

Every growing business will come to the point where they have to write job descriptions. We've written this guide to ensure you attract a diverse rage of applicants when hiring and positively express your commitment to a diverse workforce.

Shift Guide: Greenwashing

A look at the greenwashing traps that companies tend to fall for and how to steer clear of them. Use this guide to spot the greenwash potentially present in your organisation's marketing materials and avoid greenwash cases that the XR-generation will undoubtedly call you out on!

Shift Guide: Materiality

Assessing what is material (important) to your company's success is perhaps the most effective first step one can take towards strong sustainability reporting. Though a bit fiddly at first, a materiality assessment provides a platform to begin thinking analytically about the social and environmental dimensions of your business and, when complete, will simplify almost all other reporting tasks down the line.