Shift Benchmarking

Shift Benchmarking is the crucial first step to aligning your social and environmental goals with the mechanisms by which they can be achieved. We focus your efforts on simple, purposeful actions that can clear the complexities of sustainability in business. 

Benchamking flow.png

Mission Statement

Completed through a meeting 

Writing a mission statement, or modifying a current mission statement to encompass a new or more ambitious set of values, is a short yet effective process that lets customers and staff know your business's overarching directional goals.

Setting Benchmarks

Completed through a meeting and submitted in formal report 

We help set benchmarks for the performance of your business. Using quantitative approaches (numerical targets), codes of ethical business conduct and goals helps focus internal efforts and celebrate achievement - you can't manage what you don't measure. 

Identifying Mechanisms for Change 

Submitted in report

Some of the key mechanisms that help you achieve your benchmarks will be provided in a digestible format after benchmarks have been set. These mechanisms include policy recommendations, industry examples, and brief implementation plans for key changes on your agenda. 

Branding and Dissemination

Submitted in report

Choosing to start the process of developing the sustainable dimensions of your business is something that should be celebrated. We suggest a framework to  incorporate these progressive dimensions into your marketing plan.