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these workshops are the best starting point for your B Corp journey 

  • Six, 30 minute B Corp coaching sessions over five weeks

  • B Corp assessment guide

  • Get started with assessing your business through B Corp's Impact Assessment 

  • Comprehensive sector analysis and B Corp network introductions

  • Achieve your baseline B Corp score 

Platform Access

+ Support


per user per month


average cost to meet certification criteria: £3000 (team of 6)


  • Outlining of your B Corp Roadmap (to a 90+ Impact Assessment score) with an advisor from Future Shift

  • Allocation of tasks to match your team's individual strengths

  • FREE bespoke platform build



  • Full platform access

  • Personalised accounts and company branding on the platform



  • (+) One-to-one guidance workshops for each user

  • (+) Dedicated advisor from Future Shift: In-platform question response

  • (+) Company-wide B Corp kickoff workshop

  • (+) Evidence auditing

  • Platform training

Platform Access


per user per month

average cost to meet certification criteria: £600 (one user) £1800 (team of 6)


  • Outlining of your B Corp Roadmap (to a 90+ Impact Assessment score) with an advisor from Future Shift

  • FREE bespoke platform build



  • Full platform access

  • Individual, personalised accounts for all B Corp team members 



  • Platform training 

  • Ongoing platform support

  • Option for additional workshops

Shift B Corp

Celebrate the credibility, trust and value of your business by becoming B Corp certified. Create a positive impact for your employees, communities and the environment by using profit and growth as a force for good.

We are experts at guiding you through the thorough process of certification, using our consulting approach to identify your baseline and then Outline, Implement and Communicate changes using an Implementation Platform we build for you. By using a platform rather than traditional day-rate consulting, we can offer a large project like this at an accessible price point, targeting our time only when you need it most.

Platform Features

  • Step-by-step implementation plans for each B Corp task

  • Online and cloud-based: track and store progress towards your target B Corp score

  • Assign tasks that match your team's job roles

  • Templates and calculators for you to use, modify and keep

  • Store data and evidence securely for a painless audit upon certification

  • Contact experts directly within the platform to address tricky tasks

Case Study: Warm Glass UK

"Working with Future Shift was a pleasure from start to finish. They made the whole process of applying for B Corp status straightforward and so much less daunting. Future Shift delivered everything they said they would when they said they would. Their enthusiasm was a breath of fresh air. Thanks!"

Warm Glass UK used Shift B Corp to implement 41 points in the B Impact Assessment and become B Corp certified in 2021. Using the 'Platform Access + Support' service, Warm Glass worked with a team of six through four months with the Implementation Platform, costing £3000 all in all to achieve a 90+ passing B Corp score.

Pippa Bluck - Director, Warm Glass UK