Introducing the B Corp Implementation Platform

We want to empower small and medium sized businesses to confidently make meaningful, accurate sustainability transitions. We do this by working with you, not for you. We work together to establish what’s important to you, creating a bespoke online working platform that is aligned with your goals and journey.

The recipe for the perfect B Corp partner

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Start with a heap of personalisation. We boil down all of the possible sustainable changes to only the ones that work towards a given goal (like B Corp certification), ensuring that these changes are confirmed by you to be viable on a cost and time basis.

We add a bunch of resources, calculators and templates, finely chopped into manageable chunks. These chunks are then distributed to selected team members who work in roles related to the task at hand. 

A teaspoon or two of project management, where team members will see only what’s important to them and an internal manager can take ownership of the project.


Finally a pinch of consultation. We are here to fine tune the changes that need special attention and provide help where it’s needed through workshops and tutorials.





Personal and sleek

With all of your company’s sustainable progress online, in a single, personalised place, this work is separate from the pile of papers on your desk.

Room for innovation

We understand that staff are passionate and interested in doing their bit for the world, so space is left for innovation within our process. After all, you know what works for your company best.

Mutual Objectives

Our objective together is to create a strong foundation for purpose-driven changes within a business. By starting on the front foot, you can add new dimensions to your day-to-day business cycle and continue to progress your company's social and environmental missions.