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Dunelm: B Corp Feasibility Graduate Scheme

Case Study: B Corp Feasibility Analysis Through Graduate Scheme Module

By engaging with the graduates as coordinators of the project, Dunelm are able to offer a compelling module within their graduate programme that enables the younger generation of talent to dictate what the future of the business should look like. Future Shift have acted as mentors from the first step, delivering workshops and supporting each member to identify Dunelm’s baseline score and the subsequent roadmap to producing a passing B Corp score.

As the UK’s largest homewares and soft furnishings store, ensuring that their sustainability agenda is progressive and well structured is crucial. We have been working with Dunelm to support their Grad Scheme offering by guiding graduates through a B Corp feasibility module.

“Future Shift have been excellent, delivering a progressive yet well-managed B Corp feasibility module as a part of our graduate programme, offering insight, support and guidance throughout the project.


Engaging with Future Shift has allowed us to offer our graduates a strategic project with real potential company-wide implementation down the line.”

Paul Wright, Procurement Director