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Shift Community Seminar

On the last Wednesday of every other month (January, March, May...), the Shift Community gathers to share learnings about B Corp and all things business sustainability. The Shift Community are all of the clients, and partners - past, present and future - working towards the same mission: to exist in this world as a force for good.

The Seminar is a 1-hour lunchtime session at 12 noon. We invite you to join, participate and listen, even if you're eating your lunch. We interview some of the North Stars in our community in an 'in conversation' style, have workshops with experts in the impact field and finish off with breakout rooms for experience sharing.

Seminar Highlights - Wednesday 25th May

Shift Community Seminar with new B Corp, The Creative Revolution Group and impact branding studio, Yoke. 

Wednesday 31st August 2022 

Shift Community Seminar with George Sandilands from B Corp carbon accounting organisation, Spherics and Tom Sellicks, Head of Sustainability at Pure Table Top 

An event for the clients and friends of Future Shift to share experiences on the road to B Corp and true sustainability transition.


  • 12:00 - 12:05 - Introduction and agenda run through

  • 12:05 - 12:15 - Experience share with George Sandilands, founder of Spherics, discussing how B Corp helped them to embed their mission-driven culture within a fast growing start-up.

  • 12:15 - 12:25 - Tom Sellicks, from Pure Table Top shares insights from their process for writing a successful first Impact Report  

  • 12:25 - 12:55 - Breakout rooms (3*10 minutes)

  • 12:55 - 13:00 - Round up and review


We’ve reacted to the feedback from last seminar and will be dedicating a larger chunk of the hour to breakout rooms. We’re keeping things light with the speakers; everything will be in an interview/conversation format.


The event is designed so that you can put your feet up and chomp on your cheese and pickle sandwiches during your lunch hour or get stuck in with questions -- up to you.


Feel free to add those who haven't been invited!