Recruiting in the New Era.

Becoming a B-Corp is a huge recruitment strength, in attracting highly qualified, passionate, young era-recruits whom prioritise ethical credentials when taking on a role. There will be no need to search for talent, it will come... 

Millennials currently represent 50% of the global workforce, increasing to 75% by 2025. Goldman Sachs stated ‘Millennials have specific needs, dramatically different with previous generations. High among them is aligning personal and corporate values.’ 

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Why B-Corp?

Sustainability is becoming mainstream, research indicates that consumers are being more cautious with their money. Give your brand a competitive edge with positive sustainability accreditation, as consumers use your B-corp status as a seal of approval to buy your product.

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What is B Corp?

B-corp is what fair trade is to coffee. However the key difference is B-Corp is business as a whole, not just one aspect. This distinguishes between good companies and good marketing.

Attracting Investors.

There is a growing sense to align equity stakes with environmental, ESG values. This trend in venture capitalist movement will only increase as future governmental policy ensures a high standard of sustainable practice is reflected within all capital investment.

More than 12 venture capital firms have invested over $2 billion in certified B Corps.