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About us

Our story

Future shift was established in 2020 by Will and Oscar, who both studied natural sciences at universities across Europe. Today, the university experience is very different with respect to sustainability. There is now a pragmatic end, other than discovery, to the scientific approach: Solving the existential threats to the living world. 


From many conversations around the resources in place to address these threats, the idea of Future Shift began to evolve. Combining what we already have and what we already know is a cornerstone of Future Shift’s philosophy. With what we have being the businesses and networks that exist in today's economy and what we know being the viable alternatives to destructive, status quo practices, Future Shift focuses on the intersection of these two resources.

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The Future Shift mission, or our why, is to enable the transition or shift of businesses into a sustainable vision of the future. The belief that innovation and technological advance are the only cures to the destructive presence of humans on earth is false. Mobilising existing technology, new economic models and sustainable practices, and bringing them to the cogs of the economy - businesses - is the single greatest resource in our existential fight.

At Future shift we are dedicated to providing digestible alternatives to the deep rooted business norms of today. We understand that this is a stepwise process and focus on ensuring that these steps work with the fuel of business (profit) and can be delivered with simplicity and purpose. 


The future is our business and yours, shift now. 

Who are we? 


After studying three years of marine biology at Swansea University, Will developed an expertise of conservation principles in maintaining a sustainable environment within a range of ecological systems. Since then he has spent the past two years delivering passionate and professional campaigns on behalf of the Not for Profit sector in Australia.

Inspiring change

 Raising over $500,000 by  delivering well engineered campaigns for Not for Profits, Will brings passion to your business purpose. An ability to engage a wide audience to create  long-lasting, meaningful change is part of the mission Future Shift strives to achieve for your business.

Conservation and ecology

Understanding how your business interacts with ecosystems is pivotal in reducing your corporate footprint. Will's research on industrial aquaculture focussed on streamlining models of sustainability into business efficacy. Future Shift's solutions are aligned with the guiding principles of conservationism.

Will Powell

Oscar has lived in Denmark over the last five years studying for a master’s in Sustainable Biotechnology. Upon return to Bristol, he is determined to translate some of the Nordic country’s principles of sustainable innovation, technology business to the UK. Through working with the European Union as a consultant in Munich or conducting fieldwork alongside the Bhutan Biogas Project in the Himalayas, he has developed his understanding of how sustainability functions at all levels of global society.

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solutions oriented projects

Conducting a number of multidisciplinary projects around the world, Oscar has always placed an emphasis on pragmatism within research. Breaking complex problems into manageable parts, rather than relying on silver bullet solutions, is integral to our philosophy at Future Shift.

circular economy

With the surge of research, investment and policy surrounding circular economics over the last few years, Oscar has focussed a large part of his academic career on the technologies and societal conditions that constitute a closed loop economy. This knowledge is woven into the solutions provided by Future Shift.

Oscar Gue